Testimonials from Our Clients


Carol A. Young, M.D.
Rheumatologist, Escondido, CA

“I trust Mary Pat Hall, her expertise and her professionalism, for all physical therapy evaluation and treatment modalities.

“Her superb personal care reduces pain and restores function in every patient I refer, no matter how challenging the musculoskeletal conditions.

“She is especially good at teaching patients the lasting value of self-care, joint protection, home exercise, good posture and body mechanics—the physical skills necessary for preserving safe, independent function. She is the best!”


George Kavner, patient

“Your expertise in determining the therapy required and following through on the treatment in a pleasant and effective manner made all the difference.

“I have been a patient at various physical therapy facilities in various parts of the world; from a personal point of view, there are none better than yours.”


Merrilee Boyack, patient

“I LOVE Mary Pat! I had to have extensive rehab throughout many surgeries and she was absolutely terrific. I would bounce back each time with her great care and guidance.

“She is professional and yet very caring. I am so grateful to her and her great staff!! I give them all 5 stars!”


Brigitte Hodieusueel, patient

“My primary care physician recommended your institute as the best in the area. I am very satisfied with the treatment I got and am surprised that I improved so fast.

“The atmosphere provided by you and your staff was always very comfortable and I felt that you took time to listen to me and to respond to my specific needs. I don't think that I would be doing as well as I do now without going to PTI. My back feels really good and I enjoy carrying my little daughter around again.”


Alicia Morales, patient

“Physical Therapy Institute, Inc. and their wonderful staff treat you differently than any other facility I have ever known.

“Mary Pat and the PTI staff are not only very professional about their work, but they treat you like part of their family. I believe this friendly atmosphere lessens the pain and stress the patients coming to PTI already have. Once in their care, you are treated with kindness, respect, understanding, and patience. Mary Pat is always ready to answer your questions and concerns in a way that makes sense.”


Dorothy DeGroote, patient

“I improved tremendously with the help of Mary Pat and her staff. Everyone was familiar with my treatment and know exactly what to do. If there was a question. Mary Pat was there to help.

“This staff and Mary Pat are unique because they all work together so well and it is a small enough office to have a professional, friendly family atmosphere.

“I have since moved out of state and [the clinic] I use now is nothing more than a gym. They do two people and sometimes three at a time. They never ask if you think what they are doing is helping and they do not listen to suggestions from the patient. i truly miss the professional personal care that I received at Physical Therapy Institute.”


Kate Dunbar, patient

“Even though your caseload is overwhelming at times, you always give your full attention to the patient when you are treating him or her. I felt like I was the only one with you. That is truly a talent that you have inspired in all of the interns that you have trained over the years. Those interns and new therapists couldn't have had a better mentor.

“It was just four years ago that I was in a car accident that changed the course of my life. You have been a big part of that change. Your skills were certainly put to the test on my body and I am so grateful for your gifts, talent, and knowledge that you gave to me.”


Irv Bressel, patient

“I want to thank you for your personal attention, caring, and professionalism in eliminating the constant pain that I had experienced in my thighs and legs. For the past ten years I have made annual trips to orthopedic surgeons to track the condition of my arthritic hips. Their ultimate resolution is hip replacement. On each visit I would enquire as to treatment of my loss of range of motion in my hips. The doctors had no recommendation.

“After my first therapy session with you, the tightness and pain in my thigh and legs was eliminated. after three sessions I am able to walk normally, climb stairs, enter and exit an automobile without strain or pain.”

“I am forever grateful to you.”


Gloria Carroll, patient

“It gives me great pleasure to highly recommend, not only you, but the entire staff at Physical Therapy Institute.”

“After my first experience with you some time ago, I asked Dr. Bohart to again refer me to you. He made the statement. 'Yes; she is good.

“I experienced immediate relief after just a few treatments and you, May Pat, were not only an effective physical therapist, but also a caring one. I would not have exprienced the progress in my knee, hip, and back without your help.”