Philosophy of Treatment

Patients often comment that "the treatment here is much different than others I have had." I explain that physical therapy treatment can differ greatly from one clinic to another.

The differences depend largely on the experience of the therapist, the clinical environment, and most importantly the philosophy of the therapist and management of the clinic.

Unlike many larger clinics, at PTI we work very hard to develop a caring, relaxed atmosphere. As the owner, it is very important to me that each patient feels that he or she is receiving skilled, quality treatment, with my full attention. I strive to communicate effectively with each patient, to listen to each concern, and to fully explain the process of treatment.

My philosophy for providing treatment also differs from many clinicians today. I believe a hands-on manual approach is an important aspect to each treatment protocol, both to provide pain relief and also to accurately evaluate the effectiveness of the treatment. Exercise and modalities are also important, but should not be the primary focus of most treatments.

Many physical therapy clinics are designed to get the patients 'in and out" efficiently, with a minimum amount of time spent by the attending therapist. This is largely to insure cost effectiveness and not quality. Many of these clinics are also owned and run by the physician group who provided the referral and are run more like a business than a service. They tend to hire multiple, less-experienced therapists, to be able to treat a greater number of patients per day. The patient will often see a different therapist each visit, with much of the treatment administered by an aide or assistant.

At PTI, you will never feel like you were "handed off." Instead, you will be confident that I am fully involved with all aspects of your treatment. If at any point in the treatment program I feel you are not improving as expected, I will discuss with you alternative treatment options or suggest a reassessment with your physician. I believe constant communications is a key aspect of providing effective care.

Patient education is also an important part of any treatment program. Unlike the common "gym atmosphere" you will find in other clinics, our program is designed to educate to prevent future problems. Throughout the treatment process, I will teach you proper exercise methods and how to modify your daily activities to avoid further injury. My goal is to carefully observe and instruct you as you perform your exercises in the clinic and help you progress to a home program as you are able to.